Spencer Kerr LLP represents clients throughout the art world, from collectors to galleries, investors to artists.


Courtesy of Pedro Nunes


We assist collectors with implementing successful strategies in the purchase or sale of art. 

Courtesy of Pedro Nunes


We work with dealers and galleries as they confront unique and complex issues in the international art world.

Courtesy of Pedro Nunes


We undertake to provide practical and affordable advice and representation to artists at all points in their career.

Institutional and individual art collectors frequently face legal issues concerning their collecting activities.


Our firm assists with negotiating and implementing successful business relationships in the purchase or sale of art. 

We assist investors and collectors during all aspects of the process, including due diligence, drafting and negotiating commission agreements, sales contracts, consignment agreements, and art investment funds.

We also provide services to sellers who are working with auction houses, including negotiating the seller's contract with the auction house, auction guarantees, and advances on sale proceeds.



Unique and complex issues frequently confront dealers, galleries and advisors in the international art world.


Whether transacting with an artist, or receiving art from a collector for sale, Spencer Kerr LLP negotiates and drafts the necessary contracts.

And when disputes arise over issues such as title, provenance, and authenticity, our team's extensive litigation experience is an invaluable tool.



Artists are frequently confronted with complex issues when working with galleries and art dealers.


Questions often arise early in an artist's career, when business and bargaining may seem particularly challenging.

We undertake to provide practical and affordable advice and representation at this important time in an artist's career.

Spencer Kerr LLP can assist you in working with galleries and dealers (including sales, consignment contracts, and potential litigation), as well as handling personal financial matters.

Our reach is global if necessary to deal with issues such as resale royalties (droit de suite) as artists seek to profit financially from the subsequent resale of their work.



We can assist parties in resolving difficult matters, through negotiation or litigation.


Original owners who locate stolen art may demand its return from a current owner who was a good faith purchaser and declines to comply.

This includes property misappropriated during World War II. 

Such disputes are often complex, involving tangled factual backgrounds arising in multiple countries, and legal grey areas.



We have extensive experience in dealing art authentication issues.


We collaborate with an established team of art advisors and consultants to assist our clients in building a platform for art authenticity.

To the extent conflicts arise, we typically try to resolve such issues on a consensual basis as a negotiated settlement is often in the client's best interests as it is confidential, faster, and less expensive.

If, however, litigation is the best strategy, Spencer Kerr LLP has a nationwide presence to take decisive action and vigorously defend our client's interests. 

Our firm is comprised of skilled trial and appellate lawyers who have substantial experience in litigation worldwide, including in France, the UK, Canada, Australia, and Argentina.

Whether through negotiated settlement or taking a matter to trial, our team has successfully resolved hundreds of cases in state and federal courts around the country.